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Artist Clinton De Menezes’s proposal has been selected for the Abbot’s Lane entrance to PwC’s flagship new building, 7 More London Riverside. Staff and partners were invited earlier in the summer to vote for one of three short-listed maquettes. Clinton’s winning commission will be installed in the alcove in the foyer early in 2012.

Entitled World Map, Clinton’s proposal was born out of his ongoing investigation into global trading and migration in the 21st century and an interest in the dynamics of the individual and the collective. The work references how the individual is the building block for the collective, and how the collective creates the communities, countries and continents that constitute the world map. It also suggests how the collective, through communication, interaction, teamwork and leadership, can create excellence, reflecting values that are so important to PwC.

The work, spanning almost 9 metres, will take the form of an aerial ‘landscape’ that has been digitally manipulated and loosely redrawn to reference the world map. It will consist of three canvas panels worked up using textured plaster, gesso and white oil paint as a base, with the ‘land-masses’ formed using 6,2000 model figures to reflect the number of staff working in the building. The figures will stand proud from the picture plane, and will either be covered in the same colour as the ground, or will be painted meticulously in colour to ‘pop’ visually from the surface. The general movement of the figures will be from left to right, mirroring the flow of people from the Abbot’s Lane entrance to the central atrium. The three canvasses will each sit in a bespoke Perspex box, commissioned from specialist firm, John Jones.

Lighting will play a significant role, allowing dramatic shadows to be cast by the figures onto the white textured ground. The play between the changing ambient light and spotlights during the working day will project constantly varying shadows from the figures, which will increase in density and movement across the panels.

Clinton De Menezes, born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1970, was awarded an MA in Fine Art from the Durban Institute of Technology in 2004. On graduating, he founded Alchemy Studios, to fabricate artwork for private and public spaces, and in 2007 he moved to the UK to market his company more fully. He has lectured in painting, drawing and history of art, and co-founded the Art and Sculpture Studio and ArtSpace Durban, co-coordinating and facilitating classes for adult learners. He was curator of The Cupboard Gallery and a member of Durban’s acclaimed Red Eye Art Collective.

His work is in public, private and corporate collections internationally. In 2010 he was invited to install his signature work, Procession (Exodus), on long-term loan in the Contemporary Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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Artist: Clinton de Menezes

Project managers: Dickson Russell Art Management

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